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Ophthalmart which was founded in 2001 is a business group engaged in the marketing and distribution of Ophthalmoscope, Auto Refractors / Keratometers, Slit Lamps, Retinal Cameras, Perimeters, Corneal Topographers, and others.

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Address :11 Third Hospital Ave, Singapore 168751
Telp : +65 6227 7255
Fax  : +65 6227 7259.


Shopping in this shop is very fun and very comfortable, every question I ask is always answered completely so I can easily decide which product to buy.
Customer Service is very informative in explaining the steps to use the product..

Dr.Reckit Batoe

My experience of shopping at this store is very safe and very maintaining the privacy of its customers.
All Products that I see are guaranteed by the factory and show if the product they sell is genuine..

Dr.Suwandy Wong