Brand New Octopus 900 Pro Perimeter

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 Includes wheel chair accessible table

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PC Control Unit,

Flat Screen Monitor,

Ink Jet Printer

  • Static White/White testing
  • Easily upgrades to any feature in the PRO Model via the entering of a code
  • Blue/Yellow (SWAP) testing (in under 3 minutes per eye)
  • Flicker perimetry
  • Goldmann Kinetic both manual and semi-automated
  • Red/White testing
  • Automatic Eye Tracking
  • Custom Test capabilities
  • Low Vision testing
  • 100% Fixation Control
  • Chin rest sensor
  • TOP Strategy for threshold testing in less than 3 minutes
  • Includes EyeSuite LITE Software for data analysis
  • Library of over a dozen standardized tests, including: Glacoma, Macula, 32,
  • Neurological, Diabetic, Low Vision, Ptosis and binocular Estermann
  • Includes one standardized kinetic test for disability or drivers license testing
  • Automatic pupil measurement with refractive lens control sensor


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    Brand New Octopus 900 Pro Perimeter

    Brand New Octopus 900 Pro Perimeter

     Includes wheel chair accessible table


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